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Design can be many things and it’s all around us, but it typically means: to improve the world. Even in just a tiny way. Design can make things more memorable, more useful, more beautiful.

My name is Michael Sean Connors and I love design and you probably do, too. You may have guessed, I specialize in Graphic Design, which simply is to convey a message.

Do you want the message to convey a mood, theme or color palette?

• Sophistication, Competency, Casual

• Sports

• Springtime colors


Do you want to extend an invitation to someone?

• Wedding

• Fund Raiser

• Rock concert

Maybe to encourage the viewer to a certain action.

• R.S.V.P.

• Purchase

• Subscribe

• Visit


Or to direct someone to a place on a campus.

• Admissions This Way

• Parking

• Delivery

My skills present your information so that it can be effortlessly absorbed and utilized.


Throughout my experience I’ve encountered many misspent efforts to convey messages in a specific manner. Many elements of a project can be visually distracting if incorrectly designed. The effect can cause the viewer to question the professionalism of a business, or the  commitment signified.


I consider why the energy goes wrong and what is required to improve it. In some circumstances it can be simply taking down an expired poster or actually having a monthly menu for each and every month. Or even just using your business name consistently. I will provide direction as necessary and help you develop your vision. We will work together as much as you need.

For your project, I want to know what your outcome is to be. Of course, I will aid you in getting the most impact for your budget.

• Restaurant/Beer Menus

• Wedding Invitations

• Posters

• Catalogs

• Hand-outs, Give-aways

• Signage, Wayfinding

• Branding

• Logos

• Icons

• T-Shirts


Branding, as in the above list, is the core of any project. With Branding in mind, anything you want to convey is designed to complement your style, brand or any idea you have. This will connect you more completely to the viewer.

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